Monday, August 13, 2007

Chakra Balancing

As we wrap up the chakra balancing series for the summer, I thought I'd post a few ideas and resources.

We each have a moral responsibility to take care of our emotional, intellectual, spiritual and physical well-being. Well-being is a state of balance, where we are constantly monitoring, adjusting and re-centering ourselves so that we can be a positive force in this world. Taking care of ourselves in this way can seem overwhelming, because it requires constant awareness and rededication to the task. That is where chakra theory comes in, providing a framework or guide for this important work.

It is a great tool for dividing up the task of taking care of ourselves, which is ultimately what we must do to create balance, and thus, well-being. By addressing each of the chakras, one by one, we will create the kind of awareness in our lives required to stay healthy. I mean awareness in the sense of being the observer and staying present so we can intimately know who we are, uncover our unconscious patterns and create the life we so strongly desire. By nurturing awareness, we give ourselves the gift of well-being. As we become more dedicated to the care and maintainence of our over-all state of well-being, we will be rewarded in subtle and profound ways.

So, where do we start? Wherever we want. If we need direction, take a moment to close our eyes and start focusing on our breath. After a few slow, even breaths, let's start to observe our thoughts. Let's imagine we are cats, poised by a mouse hole, waiting for the first thought to pop out of it. It may take a while, but eventually we will catch a thought. Whatever that thought is, use it as a starting point. Or, take a look at these resources for a place to start. This is my all-time favorite web-based chakra resource. I use this one when I teach yoga at the community college. Very comprehensive and easy to use. I highly recommend printing out the Chakra Chart for easy reference.

The Brofman Foundation/chakra info page A new site I recently came across.

Learning Meditation/Chakra meditation I haven't tried this meditation practice, yet. See what you think.

Don't forget the Chakra Balancing Kit by Anodea Judith. I based our chakra sun salutations on the program she prescribes at the end of the book.

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