Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Time to do Nothing

Its a new year and I'm not one to make New Year's resolutions. I guess its a good time to look back and decide what we want to change or what we want the next leg of our journey to be about. But, and its a big but, I think I'm constantly doing that. My husband will attest to that. I think too much about what's next, what needs improvement, am I working towards my goals? Are my goals still my goals? Do I still want or need the things I thought I wanted or needed?

And so forth. . .

I think the beginning of the year is the perfect time to take a break. Take a deep breath, let what is. . .be.

January and February are my months in place. Now's the time to contemplate the frost on the glass, the ice on the sidewalk, the dust on the bookshelves. And do nothing about it. Don't stress over what needs to happen next or what didn't happen. The big holiday season is behind us (whew!) and the next couple months offer solitude and quiet -as much of it as I can possibly stand. Too much of it last year when the almost 5 feet of snow kept me housebound for 2 weeks. My Nissan Quest was just not up to the task of negotiating Reva Road. That problem will be solved this year. Oops! thinking about what needs to happen next. This living in the moment takes practice.

I highly recommend staring at the wall. Better yet, contemplate your belly button. And for heaven's sake, please, make no plans or promises. Do not reflect on the past year or figure out how to improve the upcoming year. Let it go. Just for a few days, if nothing else.

Folks, its time to do nothing.

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