Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Summer is for Exploration

Summer is almost upon us, and I feel like an old-fashioned watch winding up. Once school's out, I tend to be all over the place: at work, with the kids, on vacation, frantically searching for a babysitter for date night, and chasing down the next fun-in-the-sun activity. I lose focus because opportunity is everywhere! There's Girls' Night Out invitations and family beach house rentals, camping trips, lake house excursions and, oh, yeah, still trying to keep up with clients and house work. So, to create some balance this year, I am "forcing" myself to unwind by the pool or on the back deck with a book or my netbook.

I'm making it research time. With a glass of iced tea sweating on the deck floor, I'm pouring over books and websites. If I've been thinking about expanding my resume, I might be looking at continuing education classes or new opportunities. I might be looking at new equipment, researching good books, magazines, or journals. Currently, I've been researching yurts. I've always wanted a little private studio space on my property and yurts fascinate me. First off, they're round and I love round. Something about a round space is calming and brings people together on many levels.

For three months, I plan to read, write down and experiment with ideas, and talk to everyone and anyone who will listen to me about it. I plan to visit towns I've never been to before and explore the streets and shops. I'll sketch and let the fuel feed my creative fire. I'll create scenarios, fill shopping baskets with new yoga clothes, books and workshops, and play with ideas in my back yard. Currently, I have staked out a 20', 24' and 30' circle in my back woods with wooden stakes and strings. I walk around the space and throw yoga mats on the ground in various layouts. I'm reading a book on wellness coaching, clean eating, and a silly romance novel that takes place in Promise, Texas.

What I won't do is act on any of my ideas. The shopping baskets will get saved for later; nothing purchased. The yurt is just some string at the moment. My notebook is filling up with possibilities, but there are no action items. Why? Because I have a tendency to jump down the rabbit hole as soon as I see an idea forming and then free fall. Now, that's not a bad thing to do, actually. A little blind leap now and again does wonders for those niggling doubts. BUT, I started this post talking about creating some balance for my frenetic energy. So, my solution is to give the research the focus it deserves during the summer. Come fall, I'll start making decisions and to do lists.

Right now, I'll satisfy my restless mind by keeping it engaged with research. And when my inevitable anxiety bubbles up about not acting on it, I'll practice soothing myself with the knowledge that something will happen soon, just not right now. I can play with all the possibilities, then let them alone for the time being. Wow. That's freeing.

Nothing has to happen, except thoroughly exploring the next possibility. And I can relax.

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