Thursday, November 10, 2011

I cry

I cry for the children.
I cry for their pain.
I cry for their innocence
And joy
And lightness of being
That has been stolen from them.
I cry for their parents and families,
Who are reeling with the unfathomable,
The unbearable pain of not being able to protect their own child at all times.
I cry for the players and the students,
Whose carefree college days have been forever stained.
I cry for the evil, twisted bastard
Who seems to have escaped the media’s onslaught.
I cry for Joe who has not.
I cry for the wrongs that have been done.
I cry for the pain I feel.
I cry for the alumni who are crying like me.

I can only claim my own pain,
so I claim it.
I am holding on to it for dear life.
I will grieve with my anger,
my tears,
my sadness,
my outrage.
No matter how much you yell at me,
deride me,
argue with me,
comfort me,
I claim my pain.

We are Penn State.


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  2. Balanced and timely. Useful.