Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Humans are natural, too!

Have you heard about the beach closings and new use regulations put in place by the National Park Service at Cape Hatteras National Seashore?  I don't know all the details, but you can start reading about it here: 

2012 Protest March Against Beach Closures on Cape Hatteras

Here's a quote from the above article:
"The one issue that probably stands on the highest ground is the fact that the Cape Hatteras National Seashore was granted by Congress as a “Recreational Area”. Simply put, every American has a right to access this land and enjoy it recreationally. Under the current rules and regulations put in place by the Audubon Society, National Park Service, Department of Interior and Defenders of Wildlife, Americans are shut out of these areas and will be arrested and fined if found trespassing on an area that was put aside for recreational use."

This bugs me.  It bugs me a lot.

This sign bugs me.  Look it.  Look at the big red circle cross-outs over off-road vehicles, dogs and humans.  This sign makes me fee like the environmental activists would like to wipe humans and all remnants of our existence, including our domesticated buddies, off the face of the planet.  We are part of this natural world, too.  Have we made mistakes and elbowed our fellow creatures out of our way?  Even wiped entire species out? Yes.  Mea culpa.  However, this extreme reaction of wanting to keep human beings OUT of natural places is wrong, too.  Banning human beings from interacting with nature is not the answer.  Finding ways for us all to co-exist is the answer.  And there is no quick fix.  This is going to take time and talk and education.  Plain and simple, no back-door political negotiations are going to "save the birds" or the whales or some such nonsense.  If anything, this kind of thing is just going to make people mad.  And when people get mad, they stop listening and learning.

No matter how much any one of us believes in our "cause", we don't have the right to dictate to others how to live, where to live and where to walk.  Besides, we're not going to win friends and influence people with our self-righteous attitudes, either.  I respect other points of views; I respect each persons' right to see and experience the world in his way, including my own.  I respect the birds and all of nature, but lets get one thing absolutely straight:  the birds don't give a fig about my or your rights.  A bird doesn't think about the impact of where it builds a nest on other creatures.  It doesn't care about us or whether or not we survive. It's only focus is on it's own survival  And, yet, there are those who would have us believe that the whole world would spin on in Utopian, perfectly balanced bliss if just the pesky, selfish humans would go away.

I beg to differ.  Do any animals or insects care if another species has enough food? Or a healthy habitat? Mice will multiply to the point of resource exhaustion, then die out in droves because they've polluted their own environment and ate all the food, including their own offspring.  Insects, like termites, will destroy their own living space and food source and kill themselves off.  Think about this:  We are the only species on the planet that actually thinks about other species and the impact we have on them.  We are the only creatures who care if the whales die off or if the planet heats up.  We care. We are the only species that cares whether another of our species (not just our offspring and pack members) lives or dies. And that's important.

We have such wonderful potential!  We are capable of figuring this out. Let's not shut each other out and close down the beaches.  Let's talk about it.  Let's consider the ramifications and find a way to co-exist.

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