Saturday, August 18, 2012


     The Presidential campaign season is in full swing and I am already sick to my stomach. I can’t turn on the TV or radio without someone telling me what a slime-ball so-and-so is or how they are going to fix what’s wrong.  All sides are giving me a serious case of the I-want-to-rent-a-cabin-off-the-grid-until-this-is-all-over.

     Anger and self-righteous loathing permeate facebook, twitter and even the grocery store. I literally feel the bile rising even as I dodge the hate bullets. Look, I get it. There are some passionate people out there who really want to make things better, at least as far as they see it. But, and this is a big BUT, hateful tirades about “the other side” are not going to win friends or influence anyone. I promise. The only thing hate accomplishes is despair and, well, more hate.

     I have friends on all sides of all issues - seriously.  And I am getting it from all angles - political opinions, folks.  Geesh.  Where's your mind?  Anywhoooooo, and of course, I have my own opinions. There are times when I feel like venting, too. And I do. So, if I have offended you, my friend, I apologize.  You are more important to me than any political opinion.  Who I share my life with is the most important thing to me.

      So when we get all hot and bothered about whatever our personal mission on earth is let’s take a deep breath and remember we’re all in this together. Maybe the next person doesn’t want to live in a world according to Melissa. I get that. Maybe, just maybe, the other person’s point of view is as valid as mine. Check. Maybe they are a fellow human being struggling just as hard as I am to make their dreams come true. Yeah.

      Maybe we are all in this together. We can hate, or we can love. We can demean and condescend or we can take the high road – show respect and be compassionate. The bottom line is we get back what we give.  The more venom we spew, the more poison we swallow. Someone once said hating another is like holding a hot coal in your bare hand with the intention of throwing it at them. You are the one who gets burned. I think it was Buddha…or Oprah.

      During this violently charged election season, take a chill pill. Bring on the love and light – and smile at the cashier.

Namaste, beautiful friends. Namaste

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