Friday, January 25, 2013

Endless by Tawdra Kandle Cover Reveal

    ENDLESS, The King Series Book 4, will be released at the end of this month! Just to get you ready, here's the official cover release! This beautiful design is courtesy of the incredibly talented Christine Powell Gomez. Enjoy. . .and get ready for the final chapter in Tasmyn and Michael's story!
After the tumult of her high school senior year, all is right in Tasmyn Vaughan's world. She's attending college with her boyfriend, and she's learning to control her powers. Everything is finally perfect, until it isn’t.
When her new part-time job leads to more than she bargained for, she is thrown into a deadly fight against forces of evil that she didn't even know existed. Mastering her extraordinary gifts—along with the strength of an endless love—may be the only weapon that can guarantee her a happily ever after.
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Wednesday, January 23, 2013


Remember the most important thing when you are engaging with others in this world: Respect.  I would say love, but lots of people have argued with me about being able to love perfect strangers.  Hmmmm, I have argued they are the easiest people to love. But I digress.

Show respect when you choose to argue a point with a twitter or Facebook acquaintance  regardless of whether you think that person's opinion is based on fact or emotion.  And keep in mind there is a person associated with that Bill the Cat avatar.  I ran into a little disrespect the other day (imagine that) and had to walk away from the lappy for a few minutes.  I thought, what the heck does this person think they are accomplishing by being so myopic and rude?  Certainly, they don't imagine I'm walking away from the encounter with anything but a more solid belief in my own opinion, right? *crickets chirping*

That's when I realized that on some level he or she must think something to that effect.  I mean, why else keep at it like a jack hammer?  Pounding your reasoning (or lack thereof) into my thick skull until I am helpless under the onslaught of your forceful diatribe?  Mercy, I beg you.  And when I stop responding, do you think its because I have no more argument?  That it is a wordless concession?  Ummmm, no.  I stop responding when I realize this is not actually a discussion anymore. If it ever was.

Then, as I often do, I turned the situation around and wondered, "Wow! What if *gulp* they are thinking the exact same thing about me?"  Huh.  Wow.  And do I think my opinion is the truth?  Am I that convinced of my omniscience?  Uh, no.  Okay.  I give.  Am I being respectful and open-minded?  And the biggest lesson of all slaps me in the face, ONE- MORE- TIME.  Look to yourself, first.  Pay attention to the beam your eye, Melissa, and stop worrying about the dust speck in someone else's.  

My lessons in humility are endless, aren't they?  Please laugh with me.  heh heh.  um, yeah.

What about you?  Ever race off on some self-righteousness rant and then suddenly find yourself looking in the mirror? 

Please share your experience or post a comment on mine and I will reward you with some random book swag.

Love and light, y'all!  

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Review: Captive in the Dark

Captive in the Dark
Captive in the Dark by C.J. Roberts

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

A well-written page turner that kept me up all night. There were times I had to close my eyes and take a deep breath, but I kept reading. I couldn't help myself. The story captured me to my fascinated horror. The effects this story had disturbed me, but I still couldn't put it down. Imagine one of your greatest nightmares peopled with intriguing characters and interwoven with erotica and you become captive in the dark. But be prepared to question who you thought you were along with Caleb and Livvie. This is certainly not for everyone and definitely for the over 18 crowd. Highly recommended to the open-minded, the dangerously curious and introspective.

Warning: For mature audiences only. Graphic sex and violence. Psychologically disturbing

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Thursday, January 03, 2013

Review: Kiss the Dead

Kiss the Dead
Kiss the Dead by Laurell K. Hamilton

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

First, let me say that I am an avid Anita Blake Vampire Hunter fan. I enjoyed this story because I got an opportunity to visit with my favorite characters: Anita, Jean Claude, Nathaniel, Asher, etc. I love how Anita has evolved towards acceptance of herself and her lifestyle. She is still resistant of some things, like taking on new lovers. Its surprising that as compassionate as she is, she doesn't seem to understand the pain she causes her new lovers when she refuses to accept them and the relationship as it is.

The story itself was not all that exciting. I didn't feel the "edge-of-my-seat" energy like I have in other Anita novels. That doesn't mean it wasn't worth the read; just don't expect the intensity of her other books, like Cerulean Sins and Obsidian Butterfly, and of course anything with Marme Noir. Maybe its because most of those previous issues have been resolved.

I still loved the sex, the play of relationships and there was some tense moments. Good book and I recommend it.

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Tuesday, January 01, 2013

We have a Winter Wonderland Winner!

 And the winner of the Winter Wonderland Blog Hop and the signed copy of Enlightened is Tobi Hoffler Helton!  Thank you everyone for participating in the blog hop and entering the giveaways. Keep an eye out for another giveaway this January.