Saturday, February 02, 2013

First Draft? Done! Samskaras is on its Way

I couldn't wait until morning to share the news.  I finished the first draft of Samskaras, Book 2 in the Love and Light Series.  Woo hoo! Its been a trickier book to write, to be honest. I'm trying to keep several storylines interwoven and moving forward at the same time. It all works together and each feeds off the other. Its quite the chore keeping it in line--like herding cats. lol!

But its all worth it as the story unfolds.  There will be more updates as I work through the editing process and prepare for its release.  In the meantime, here's a tiny morsel to tweak your taste buds until it arrives.

Excerpt from Samskaras:

     “No. Stay still. I want to take you in. I want to remember you just like this.” His eyes glowed.
     “Like what?” She looked down. She was naked and her hands jerked automatically to cover herself, but she shrugged and dropped them. Looking back up, David was now a ways off, maybe half a football field. “David?” She shielded her eyes from an increasingly bright light. “David?”
     He ran towards her, picking up his pace until he was running full-tilt. Loti took a step back, wrinkling her forehead. What was he doing? Then he leaped at her with arms stretched out as if he were diving into a pool. Loti screamed as she threw her arms up. His body crackled with criss-crossed lines of blue lightening. Morphing from a man into a man-shaped piece of light, he plowed into her. She stumbled back, but instead of knocking her to the ground, he plunged into her. He disappeared inside her. She wrapped her arms around herself and screamed.

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