Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Root Chakra OR I Put My Root Down

I just returned from the Olde City, New Blood Mini-Convention in St. Augustine and I am in the throws of post-vacation blues.  But its more than that.  I spent a week traveling, talking, connecting, complaining, commiserating, praising, thanking, laughing, sharing, eating, drinking, creating and being.  It was wonderful to meet up with my writing buddies and to take our friendship to the next level.  I came away with a deep sense of gratitude for having such wonderful souls to share my passions with.

I also came away with a serious case of the blues.  From the moment Christine dropped me off at my house after our 16 hour drive home, I deflated.  I came off a lofty high and slumped into bed with a glass of wine.  My husband said something I didn't like, so I sank deeper.  I woke up fuzzy and confused about the ache in my chest. What the hell?  I mean, really?  This felt like the day after Christmas when I was a kid. All the anticipation and excitement surged through my blood stream like sugar, only to abondon me and then-- CRASH.  Ugh. Post-sweets blues.

And without my sweet friends nearby to hug me back to normal, I have been fumbling around for a cure.  After trying laundry, a healthy lunch and meditating, I finally knocked on my husband's man-cave door.  I needed a hug.  I needed to reconnect with my family.  I needed to root down.  Find my balance, once again.

And the key to balance? Our connection to home and family.  Think for a moment about subtle energy theory - the Chakras in particular   Our root chakra, located at the base of the spine in the coccygeal region, governs instinct, security, survival and basic human potentiality (see for more info).  We learn our first lessons in these areas in our nuclear family.  Sometimes these lessons are solid and affirming, sometimes they create anxiety and a life-long sense of insecurity.  Regardless, we can always turn to the root chakra to bring a sense of safety and security back to our lives.

When I knocked on my husband's door looking for that hug, that's exactly what I was doing.  The family I've created gives me a strong sense of safety and I'm grateful for it.  After hugging on my man, I decided to comfort myself some more and worked on balancing my root chakra with essential oils.  I rubbed a blend on my feet that contains tree oils like spruce, frankincense and rosewood.   Trees represent the ultimate in rooting down. I also diffused some sandalwood, another grounding and balancing oil.  Then I practiced rooting yoga poses like Mountain pose and Tree pose.

Anything red is supposed to help with the root chakra, so I donned a red sweater, ate some dried cranberries and put on my garnet ring.  A good night's sleep and exercise is the foundation for any day and recommended for stabilizing the root chakra.  So, I'll make sure I get to bed at a decent hour tonight and take a walk later today.

Whether you put any credence into chakra theory doesn't really matter, its the intention behind the actions you take that makes all the difference.  My intention today is to re-ground myself and steady my nerves.  Its also to incorporate my new family members, my writer friends that I just spent an amazing weekend with, into my made family.  I'm going online right now to reconnect with them because they are now part of my root-down practice.  Isn't that amazing?? That I now have friends all over the country I can root-down with?  Wow!  I am so blessed.  Adding them to my circle as my supporters and supportees is a privilege and an honor.

NOW, I think I can get back to work and feeling better.  For more information you can follow my Root Chakra pinterest board.  I'll be adding new stuff every day.

Namaste, dear friends.

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  1. I came back to 5 instead of 6 cats. The trip was awesome, but it's still good to be home.