Tuesday, March 05, 2013

The Sacral Chakra and Masquerades

I think my sacral chakra is out of wack.  Why? Because I'm having a moment of self-doubt. Just the other day, someone did something that made me doubt my ability to accurately assess a person’s character and create a connection.  Amazing how the actions of one person can affect me so profoundly. What happened? They returned a gift.  I felt, well, dishonored.  I quite literally thought I knew this person, not in a deep way, but enough.  And I was so terribly wrong.  And now I am trying to figure out where I went wrong.  Most likely, I projected a personality onto this person that fit my past experience.  With the clothes they wore and the words they spoke, I concocted a persona.  We do this every day of our lives and seldom have the occasion to doubt our interpretation.  Do we go along under false assumptions on a regular basis, then?  Because we can't possibly get it right all of the time. I for one would like to know.

But is my doubt really about my ability to assess personality?  Or is this fundamentally about rejection?  Because I allowed myself to question who I am.  I haven't felt like that in a long time.  It has me turning to chakra energy theory for healing.  Based on my overemotional reaction to this situation and feeling uncomfortable in my own skin, I'm guessing my sacral chakra has been knocked out of balance.  Makes sense, when you understand what the sacral chakra, sometimes referred to as the spleen chakra, is all about.

The Sacral chakra, swadhisthana in sanskrit, is the second chakra located at your pelvis, from your lower abdomen to your navel center.  It is associated with the color orange.  It is our creative and emotional center and key to our sense of identity.  If we don't know who are (or are doubting who we thought we were), then it’s likely our sacral chakra is weak or out of balance.  If it is overactive we may be highly emotional and we may attach too much importance to what other's think of us.  If under active, we may lack the ability to connect with others or the creative spark.  And not least of all, it is the center of our sexuality.  Many of us have a problem with our sexual identity, whether we like to talk about it or not.

Actually, the fact that people have such a high-anxiety reaction any time sex is talked about speaks volumes about the unbalanced state of the sacral chakra in our society. But that’s a topic to discuss at length in another post.

My people watching has led me to believe that there is an epidemic of unbalanced sacral energy.  Most of us wear a persona to function in this world; that’s normal. What’s not good for us is the pretending we do to get by.  Because we are uncomfortable in our skins and need validation, we don a different mask for everyone we meet.  We tailor our words, our mannerisms and our clothes to a certain extent so that we have the least likely chance to offend.  On one hand, this is just common courtesy.  But when does it cross the line from good manners to deception?  It’s obviously polite and respectful to dress appropriately and mind our language when we go to church.  It’s deceptive when we pretend to be something we’re not so another will accept us.  But there’s so much in between.

Are you being true to yourself?  Are you sure you are seeing people for who they are? Take responsibility for self-deception and let go of what you can’t control: They’re self-deception.  Which is another important element of the sacral chakra:  the ability to let go.  I’m working on it. Put on an orange shirt today.  Follow my Sacral Chakra Pinterest board this week for more on healing and balancing the sacral chakra.


  1. A great posting here, Melissa. It's got me thinking about some things in my own life and also makes me interested to learn more about the different chakras. Again - great posting, my friend!

  2. Thanks, Buddy! Did you see my post on the Root Chakra? http://www.melissalummis.com/2013/03/the-sacral-chakra-and-masquerades.html And the Pinterest Board links? I've pinned a bunch of info about each chakra I've covered so far. I'll be doing the entire chakra energy system over the next few weeks, too.

  3. Oops! Here's the root chakra one http://www.melissalummis.com/2013/02/i-put-my-root-down.html