Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Heart Chakra Revelations and Bananas

*shouts* I have had a heart chakra revelation.  Finally!  *bows*

I've been waiting, crouched outside the tiny entrance to my subconscious, not-so-patiently for the inspiration to write this post.  *drums fingers* And it wouldn't come, damn it.  I walked away for a while, got distracted by the snow storm and school cancellations, went to the doctor about the fatigue and heart palpitations *hint* I told you about in my Solar Plexus chakra post…

And this morning I reread through the lab report my doctor mailed me.  My potassium and iron levels were low, which helped explain the heart flutters.  (I have a minor heart condition that doesn't present itself unless I’m overly fatigued or I've allowed my potassium levels to drop.)  

*shouts* And my heart stopped.  

Not really, but it suddenly hit me that all this time I've been focused on the feed and caring of my heart and heart chakra.  Duh. *shakes head* But anyway, as well as making sure bananas, coconut water and dark green, leafy vegetables (eating green foods is recommended for balancing the heart chakra) found their way into every meal, I've been instinctively taking action to balance my heart chakra

I've been taking as many walks in the sunshine as I could between the spring snows, in an effort to balance my Solar Plexus chakra.  While soaking up the sunshine, I was spending more time in my woods and in nature in general, a way to assist balancing the heart chakra.  I was also rubbing Cypress oil (a pine oil) on my chest (your heart chakra is located in your chest) to address my “hard-driving” need to achieve goals as quickly as possible. Turns out, this and other pine oils assist in balancing the heart chakra. 

When I was looking up oils for over-striving in Daniel MacDonald’s wonderful reference book Emotional Healing with Essential Oils, I came across this passage under Cypress:

"Cypress works in the heart and mind creating flexibility. …Cypress encourages us to cast aside our worries and let go of control so we can enjoy the thrill that comes from being alive.  It reminds us that ‘damnation’ is simply the discontinuation of growth and development.  Cypress shows us how to have perfect trust in the flow of life."

I knew I wasn't trusting the flow of life and thought I needed to push it—as hard as I could.  At the heart of the need to control and perfectionism is fear, the antithesis of love.  And love, unconditional love, is what the heart chakra is all about.  If I want to be honest, I have to tell you that for years I tried to win approval and validation from others through my achievements in hopes of filling what I misperceived as a big hole in my heart.  I think we all do this to some extent, but ironically this behavior leads us further away from love and deeper into fear.

And in my contemporary and relentless determination to achieve my goals, I suspect buried within are the remains of these deep samskaras from my childhood.  As a child, I thought if I didn't make the best grades or win an award, I wasn't earning my love. *sniff* I want to give that little girl a great big rib-popping hug and tell her that she doesn't have to earn anyone’s love.  That she deserves love without conditions or requirements.  That she is love incarnate and that she is safe and “right”.

That she is lovable just the way she was…and is.

Do you love yourself unconditionally?  Do you feel worthy of your life and loved ones? What do you think?  Leave me a comment below, share this post on your favorite social media sight or link back to my blog from yours and I’ll send you a Namaste button (US mailing addresses only).  Leave me a way to contact you (twitter account, etc.) and I’ll be in touch.

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Namaste, dear friends. 

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