Monday, May 13, 2013

What the Hell are Samskaras or When's Your Next Book Coming Out, Damn it?

As I've been prattling on about book 2 in the Love and Light series, Samskaras, releasing soon, I have been repeatedly asked:  What the hell is a samskara?  Here, in a nutshell, is my take on the concept:

Samskaras are the grooves of our past played out in our present.  The way we feel, think, act, speak and view our world are all impacted by our earliest experiences.  There are some who say they go back to the womb, and those who profess they go beyond even our birth into previous lives from whence we acquired the stuff we cram into our karmic luggage.  Either way, wherever and whenever we pick up our habits of existence, we have a duty to peer into the dark depths of our oceanic unconsciousness.  What we see there may be disturbing or enlightening or downright scary, but it is who we are at our un-interpreted base, and dredging these waters is our most important work.  Our very lives depend upon it.

Of course, you don’t have to face your fears, dear friend.  You can choose, instead, to bumble around your life wondering why bad shit always happens to you.  When the rollercoaster ride grinds to a halt and you take your last, conscious breath on this plain, you can assure yourself that it was better to ride blindfolded and to have settled.  Sure. You can do that.  Or you can pull on your big kid Underoos and take a chance.  Do something nerve-wracking and uncover the negative patterns that keep tripping you up.  And when you face your bug-a-boos and survive, the most amazing thing will happen:  you will create the life you crave with every cell of your being.  I kid you not, dear friend. 

But be forewarned: it’s going to get hot and your head is going to hurt and your body is going to scream for relief, but you will not regret a single, solitary moment you spent chipping away at what holds you back.  Oh, and not all samskaras are negative, but they tend to be the ones that we cling to like an old, worn-out blanky.  The comfort of the devil we know is oh so sweet compared to the terrifying fucking clown that lurks beneath, no?  Be brave, dear friend, and dig out the negative by the root, so you can sow the seeds of your dreams, and reap the life well-lived.

Thoughts, comments, questions and random facts are all welcome here.  Leave them below and remember to sprinkle your words with a generous helping of love and light.

Namaste, dear friends, namaste.

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