Friday, June 14, 2013

More on the Heart Chakra or What's Love Got to Do With it?

 I'm all emotional today and it has me reflecting on the heart chakra. I'm sure there are hormones involved, but more so are the stories I'm writing right now. The Love and Light Series is really about love always being the answer. It doesn't mean tolerating abuse or not defending yourself or not taking proactive action to protect yourself.

Those actions are loving--they turn love into a verb. Protecting yourself is loving yourself enough to acknowledge you deserve to be treated lovingly. It is also an act of love towards the one who attacks or mistreats you. 

Just as a parent is loving a child when they discipline that child, so we are loving another when we show them what's not allowed and set clear boundaries. That's not to say we should take a parental approach to others, just a loving one. 

I am reminded every day that love is the answer, no matter the question or situation.  For instance, I could get irate about the cellphone company messing up my account for the third time in as many months, but that disturbs my peace, and that is neither loving towards myself nor to the employee who has to tolerate the abuse.  After all, the customer service representative who answers your phone call is not likely the one who caused the problem.

Even if he is, so what?  What do you gain by berating him?  Do you think you're going to get better service by being an asshole to him?

I was in the service industry once-upon-a-time, and I remember all to vividly the people who lit into me for a mistake made by the kitchen or myself.  Did it help the situation?  Not. At. All.  It either made me nervous and more prone to mistakes or pissed me off.  I was more likely to ignore them.  I mean, I wasn't going to get a tip out of them at that point, so why bother?  Not saying that was mature or right, but the reality none-the-less.

So think it about next time you have the urge to go off on someone.  Are you contributing love or contaminating with fear and hate?  Please join in the conversation and contribute by posting a comment, a link to some great stuff on love or a picture or quote on the topic.

These random thoughts brought to you by my morning meditation. Om shanti shanti shanti. Namaste.

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