Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Love and Light to You

Love and light is kind of my signature phrase.  I end my emails with it and often tweet it to new followers.  My first book series is called the Love and Light series.  I've also started hashtagging anything I post or tweet about wellness and spirituality with #loveandlight.  Why?

Because I believe in creating balance.

Let me explain.  Love and light is not my phrase, obviously. It is a phrase that is used by spiritual truth seekers, healers of all kinds, and every day people.  If you search the web for "love and light" you will find a music page, some spiritual teachers, a marketing pro, and several Buddhist articles denouncing the love and light philosophy.  Hmmm...after reading those I was a little miffed.

Basically, with all due respect to the reverend who wrote this article, I'm not trying to deny the existence of darkness or hate when I write "Love and light to you".  The phrase obviously has different meanings to different people, but what it has come to mean to me is not easily explained in a concise definition.  It is my gift to a world of people who are suffering.

There is darkness in this world and there is hate.  I do not deny that or attempt to banish either with my love and light philosophy.  What I am doing is offering up light to everyone so we can see the truth in the dark.  I am offering up love to everyone because too many times I have offered up anger, frustration and, well, hate.  There's a saying I heard from Dr. Phil, "You're either contributing to the situation or you're contaminating it."

I am trying to contribute.  I'm trying not to contaminate.  I figure there is quite enough darkness and hate in this world so why not offer up some love and light?  I even started a Facebook community called the Love and Light Campaign to support each other in offering up some love and light to the online community.  (Please feel free to check it out!  Its open to everyone.) I can't say it much better than I already did:

What else was there to ease or even end suffering but kindness, random and purposeful acts to bring light into everyone’s life? There was quite enough hate and greed and anger in the world, she was sure. The least she could do was release some love into the fray, a peace offering, a floating, flickering emissary of hope on a sea of suffering.   ~ from Enlightened: A Tale of Love and Light 
In my continuing efforts, I add new pins to my Love and Light Campaign Pinterest board all the time, too.  Feel free to follow it, repin and share all over the place.

Namaste, dear friends, and love and light to you.

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