Friday, August 23, 2013

The Trees are Dripping with the Magic of Fairy Tales

The trees are dripping with the magic of fairy tales...and sometimes downright pouring.  Outside my window is a constant, quiet roar of water.  Every leaf on every tree is twitching with glistening secrets, and I am wondering if I need to build an ark.  No, seriously. Check out my backyard bayou.

Days like these make me feel like I'm inside a fairy tale.  Anything is possible as water sprites muster their armada in my backyard bayou and flower fairies hide inside drooping, late summer blossoms.  

With all this magic going on, I feel like writing AND curling up with a good book. Decision, decisions.  I have several books I'm reading at once but the one currently glowing on my iPad screen is The Troll with no Heart in His Body and Other Tales of Trolls from Norway retold by Lise Lunge-Larson. Are you surprised? It started out as research for a novella I'm currently writing that will be part of my new series coming out next spring, The Little Flame series.

But it has become my rainy day magic read, taking me back to my childhood, when I used to read all the fairy tales I could get my hands on.  Someone asked me the other day when did I first start reading paranormal and Urban Fantasy and, as it turns out, I told them a lie.  I said I was a teenager, reading everything sci-fi and fantasy I could get my hands on and that led to paranormal.

But it was actually much, much earlier than that.  My mom  turned me on to paranormal when she read me bedtime stories about tar babies and witches before I could read myself.  And when I learned to decipher those magic runes that stories were hidden in, I devoured endless volumes of fairy tales and folk lore, which are the fuel and fodder for all paranormal novels ever written.  While the Paranormal Romances and Suspense novels I read now are definitely for adults only, they are still about my childhood favorites: witches, ghosts, fairies, elves and even talking animals (I know that's stretching the lycanthropy a bit, but hey, think about it).

And my favorite authors keep inventing new creatures, too, like sekhmets in Liz Schulte's Guardian Trilogy and continued in her Easy Bake Coven series; neutralizers such as Lynlee in Olivia Hardin's MAUC Series (that's Magical and Undead Creatures); and C. G. Powell's race of alien Nauss in Immortal Voyage and soon to be released Firewall.  There are many more, and I bet every one of those authors heard Sleeping Beauty's tale before they could even write a word.  I bet they read the Three Billy Goat's Gruff and even, maybe, The Troll with No Heart in His Body.

The seed was planted years ago before we ever thought we'd be storytellers ourselves one day.  Probably on a day much like this one, with the rain pouring down while the branches sagged protectively around the house.  Mom wrapped us in a blanket and settled us in her lap.  "Once upon a time" made our little hearts race...and still does today.

Snip, snap, snout
This tale's told out!

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