Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Literary Addicts Weekly #meme - Biggest Book Hangover

The theme of this week is - What was your biggest "book hangover"? 

My biggest book hangover of all time was from over-indulging in The Stand, by Stephen King.  I read it one day (the first time, mind you) when I was a teenager *cough cough cough* years ago.  I've re-read it several times since and I can still wake up in the middle of the night thinking about it, especially if my husband is sick and having coughing fits. Sometimes, I even find myself stuck in traffic along the highway imagining the eternal roadblocks in that book.

As always, King takes the everyday, the sneaky bastard, and changes the meaning.  He creates whole new, scary connotations to once benign, if somewhat aggravating, daily situations--like colds and traffic jams. *shivers*  He knows how to get under our skins.

So, tell me, what's your biggest book hangover?

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