Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Post-Traumatic Holiday Stress Disorder or Where the Heck Have I been since Christmas?

Yes, I know I have been gone since before Christmas.  I have been a bad blogger.  Bad blogger! *smacks wrist*  I hang my head in shame and hope y'all will forgive me for being missing in action for weeks and as I get back into the groove of the writing life.

First, let me say that I had a wonderful holiday season.  My family and I spent Christmas week at Folly Beach, South Carolina.  It is a great place to kick back and relax, if you're looking for some place low key to hang.  We bought a miniature tinsel tree at--you guessed it--Squally Mart, and decorated it Dr. Seuss style, complete with Wazzly Woos and Tutely Toos.

My husband got a wild hair on the drive down, after we stopped for a break at a rest stop and got vending machine lattes.  Jacked up on cheap caffeine, he decided we were going to drive straight through the night instead of stopping at a hotel.  His only caveat was that I be the DJ and keep him entertained.  So on the fly, and thanks to Spotify, I threw together a Road Tripping playlist as he tossed song and band names at me.  We had a ball talking music and singing along all through the night.  We took a chance that we'd be able to get into our rental and lo and behold, it all worked out.

I bounded up the steps, bags in hand and got the kids in bed at 3:15 AM.  Then I popped the cork on the first of several bottles of champagne that would be imbibed over the week.  My husband and I sat on the front deck, listened to the waves crash as we watched the sun rise over the Atlantic, and toasted our holiday.  I think we actually went to bed around 7 AM.  That was the start to our vacation, folks, and it definitely set the tone for a laid back week.  We lazed about, went for walks on the beach, and the hubby and kids even joined the Polar Bear Club and jumped in the ocean--complete with soaking their heads.

Christmas Eve we went for a drive through James County Island Park to see their Holiday Festival of Lights display.  If you ever get the chance, please go! We played Christmas music and drank hot chocolate as we drove through.  I got inspired, too, and created a family video with the footage and pictures I took while we were there.  Unfortunately, I can't share it here for privacy sake, but its a great family memory, for sure.

Christmas day the kids were treated to new 3DSXLs (if you don't know what that is, ask any gamer), and I made Italian Wedding Soup.  Our friends hosted an oyster and crab shucking party complete with a camp fire and much merriment was had by all.  It was my first Christmas on the beach and I have to say I had a great time.

When we got back from South Carolina, we had a fairly quiet New Year's week and I think the kids were glad to be getting back to school, although they'll deny it if you ask.  Unfortunately, the Polar Vortex interrupted our plans to get back to a normal routine and school was closed due to the cold.  Then we had freezing rain, yada yada yada.  You get the picture.

And now, here I am, sitting at my laptop and getting caught up on all the business things I mostly ignored over the holidays.  I've been writing and editing and getting geared up for all the planned releases in 2014.  I'm finishing up the Love and Light series with the release of Book 3, Samadhi on January 31, 2014.  Folks, I actually cried (yeah, I know, I'm a derp) when I typed "The End".  *sigh*  It's been a long journey and getting to the end is bittersweet.

BUT the good news is I can't let go of Loti's world just yet, so I've been working on a spin-off called the Little Flame series.  Check out the Little Flame page for news about releases and sneak peeks at the books and covers.  Also, don't forget to join my newsletter mailing list for unique content and exclusive giveaways and offers just for my newsletter subscribers.  I plan on filling in the gaps between releases with short stories, letters, and more added-content through out this year in my newsletter.

I'm looking forward to hearing from y'all and getting back into the groove.  Don't forget to leave a comment below and let me know how you spent your holidays.  Hope you're all getting over the Post-Traumatic Holiday Stress and settling into this fabulous new year.

Much love and light to you !


  1. I think it is safe to say we all missed you but so glad you had a good holiday!

  2. I think it is safe to say we all missed you but so glad you had a good holiday!

  3. I think it is safe to say we all missed you but so glad you had a good holiday!