Saturday, March 22, 2014

Smells Like Patchouli OR Why Is my Third Eye Chakra SO Sick of Winter?

Holy moly, I am SOOOO glad winter is dead, and apparently, so is my Third Eye Chakra.  Time to slather on some patchouli, melissa, and drop some frankincense.  Cool, dude.  Trippy, man. ;-)

Seriously, winter wreaks havoc with your Brow Chakra, also known as Ajna or Third Eye Chakra.  Why? Because it is associated with two key glands: the pituitary and pineal.  The pineal gland is the only other organ besides our eyes that detects light, by the way.  It produces more melatonin, an antioxidant that makes us feel sleepy, at night.  So, you know how you feel sluggish and want to sleep more in the winter months?  That's because there's less light, which translates to more melatonin.

So what does this have to do with being sick of winter and patchouli and frankincense?  Less light during the winter months can make us not only lethargic, but also depressed.  Depression comes in degrees from having a bad day to clinical depression.  During the winter, many of us can be affected by the lack of sunlight, some to the point of clinical depression.  More than one medical professional has suggested that I suffer from what is called Seasonal Affected Disorder or SAD.  Yeah, not cute.

The snow and bitter cold has not helped me with this, either.  Thanks, polar vortex, I owe ya.

But I have developed ways to deal with it.  Besides my daily essential oil protocol and yoga, I bring out the big guns like patchouli when the SAD thing gets bad.  I already use frankincense as part of my daily routine, but I add patchouli when I need a boost, especially when I'm having trouble getting out of bed in the morning, increased levels of anxiety, and am having trouble trusting my instincts.  These all happen to be symptoms of an unbalanced Brow chakra, too.

And while my creativity increases every winter, leading to a ton of writing and crafty projects, its unanchored.  What I mean is I tend to lose touch with what's a real worry vs. a fanciful plunge off the deep end.  Basically, my feet are no longer planted solidly on the ground and my mind is running away with all the possibilities, good and bad.  Very disconcerting and also a symptom of an unbalanced Third Eye chakra.


When my mind is running around its cage throwing tantrums and spooking at it's own shadow, I get out the patchouli.  According to Daniel MacDonald in Emotional Healing with Essential Oils, Patchouli is the Oil of Physicality and it assists in bringing a person back down to earth and stabilizing them.  Perfect. Exactly what I need when I'm in this mode.

While patchouli is traditionally thought of as a Root chakra oil because of its ability to help us be present in our bodies, I believe its grounding properties are exactly what someone needs when their Third Eye Chakra is unbalanced and the symptoms are anxiety-like.  The thing is, patchouli prepares us for uniting the spirit and the body, which be the way, is also why its so widely used during yoga and mediation.

I believe the disconnection of spirit from body is related to or creates the imbalance in the Third Eye.  The Third eye is the seat of our unconscious self and our intuition and if it becomes unrooted, we lose touch with reality and spin off into made up worries and exaggerated fears.  We lose our sense of existence as a physical being. This can lead to anxiety and depression, making it hard for us to leave our beds, much less our fortified homes.

This is the way I tend to swirl when the winter settles around me like a dark shroud, but some folks go the other way and find it hard to think at all.  Their thoughts become confused and weighted, heavy and un-agile.  They may become disheartened and unable to perceive themselves as a being of light, literally feeling trapped inside an unattractive shell.  In this case, I would also use patchouli, but I would add some Melissa essential oil.

In the Healing Emotions, Melissa is called the Oil of Light.  Take it at face
value and let this oil bring some much needed light into a dark winter.  Put a little drop or less on your wrists, about three fingers width from the base of your palm and inhale whenever you need a boost.

Melissa, lemon balm
Take care of yourself, my friends.  Winter is over! Jump into spring with a renewed spirit.  If you're having trouble with that, here are some other things you can do to stimulate/balance your Brow chakra:

-Wear something indigo (a deep blue-purple color)
-Gaze at the stars.
-Eat eggplant, blueberries, or anything a deep blue-purple.

Check out my Third Eye Pinterest board for more ideas and please let me know how you're doing.  Has this winter gotten the best of you?  Do you feel like punching out Jack Frost?  Ha! Me too.  Mother Nature needs to move on, already.

Much love and light to you!

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