Thursday, July 03, 2014

Power to the Readers or the Truth about Hatchette's Campaign against Amazon

Over and over again I have witnessed big corporations and people with influence over the mainstream media mislead the public. Big publishing and Hatchette in particular want you to believe that Amazon is a monster of epic proportions, destroying bookstores and marginalizing the poor, disenfranchised New York Publishers.

They've gone so far as to have high profile authors like James Patterson ask us to petition Amazon to cave to Hatchette's demands. Their "facts" on the matter are dangerously misleading. I can't articulate the facts any better than this letter has already, so I beg all my readership to follow the link below and to read this incredibly well-thought out letter and consider signing the petition. Maybe even pass it along? Hugh Howey, the author of Wool,  posted this on Facebook today and asked everyone to consider signing it and passing it along. I did and I am.

See, the guys with big bucks who can take out full page ads in newspapers and magazines are banking on the idea that you won't bother to dig deep for the truth, that you will believe their propaganda simply because you read it in a big paper or saw it on a mainstream media website.

But we have something mankind has never had before in history: a world-wise (that's not a typo) connection that can spread the truth, blog by blog, tweet by tweet, post by post. Help me spread the truth and for once, stand up for ourselves and not let ourselves be misled and used by the powerful.

Let's turn the tables and take back our lives and the right to read whatever the hell we want and pay reasonable prices for it.

Love and light, y'all.

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  1. By now I have read countless articles on this subject. The info and facts so clearly show that Amazon is the victim here, not the enemy that the Big 5 Publishers are doing everything they can to trick the public into believing.

    I'm glad you wrote this article. Every bit helps. And were it not for you doing this, I would not know about the "Authors: To Thank Our Readers" petition, which I was very happy to sign and share with others :o)

    Authors: To Thank Our Readers