Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Little Flame Box Set is LIVE! 5 novellas for $2.99

Due to popular demand, the first five novellas in the Little Flame Series are available as a box set for just $2.99 on Amazon for a limited time.

 Available on Amazon

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Fiamette Jurato is on a mission, but she finds herself distracted by a sexy, charismatic DJ named Maximillian. From the moment she lays eyes on him, she's falling down a fast-paced, intoxicating rabbit hole that will either lead to her demise or a revelation. 
Either way, she's enjoying the ride. 

But there's a price to be paid for having too much fun ... or being too happy.

Life may have been lonely for this renegade healer before joining the Maximillian dubstep tour, but it was a hell of a lot simpler. And less dangerous.

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