Saturday, November 15, 2014

What is Happiness?

I’m not sure. I’m really not.

Is it that feeling we get when we buy something new? I think that’s excitement, but what’s the difference?

Is it that feeling we get when we hug our dog? Or is that love? Contentment? Comfort?

Is it that feeling we get when we kiss our significant other? So why does it not always feel the same? The first kiss is different from the last kiss, isn’t it?

How about when we eat a four course meal? There’s a few moments of euphoria, for sure, but I doubt that’s happiness. Maybe it is for some folks. Later on, I will always always crash, and that feels like crap. By the way, what DOES crap feel like? Never mind. That’s a loaded question.

Is happiness a fleeting emotion? And if so, is chasing happiness much like chasing the perfect high? An endless, fruitless search that leaves us frustrated and dazed? Maybe even brain damaged?

I’ve read that happiness is overrated, that satisfaction is a much better prize. I’ve heard happiness comes from being content with what we have, not coveting or wanting. I take issue with the “not wanting” because its NOT possible not to want. Try it. At least, trying not to want is like trying not to have to pee. Pointless and painful.

Maybe its the TRYING that leaves us wanting and unhappy. Nah. Because trying is important. If we don’t try, nothing will ever happen. Of course, we know what Yoda says: “Do. Or do not. There is no try.” Hmmmmm…

I have NO answers here. I’m just pondering.

What do you think happiness is?

Do you think its worthwhile to pursue it?

If not, what should we be pursuing, if anything?

Maybe we need to stop pondering all this (not that pondering is a problem, but knowing when to stop is) and just, uh, BE happy.



  1. The whole time I was reading this, my mind was sarcastically whispering: "Happiness is not pondering what happiness is." which I'd give a bitter "hah" in reply.

    So when I got to the end of your article, it made me chuckle to see that you summed it up with basically the same thing: "Maybe we need to stop pondering all this..." *pause for effect* "...and just, uh, BE happy."

    Well said! Or not said. There is no said? :D

    I only know one thing for sure: Happiness is always a temporary thing. And if one likes the way that feels - who doesn't? - one continues to try to repeat that which gives us the happies, which actually changes over time.


    Happiness is a state of elusive perpetuity?

    1. Mgon,

      YES! A thousand times YES! Happiness is an emotion, right? And emotions technically only last for about 90 seconds, unless we keep pushing the button.

      I think we waste a lot of time and energy "trying" to be happy, thinking we SHOULD be happy all the time or most of the time. Why don't we embrace the truth and let ourselves be? It's exhausting. lol :-)