Saturday, January 31, 2015

#BraveWriting - Brave Writing Things in 2015

Okay, the brave writing thing all got started on Twitter this past week when my friend and editor
Ev Bishop tweeted this:

Please note she tagged me.

*slaps forehead*

Why did she tag me? Because this happened:

*BIG sigh* Damn you, Liz Schulte. You knew I couldn't ignore this type of challenge.

So then this:

And then I was involved, committed even, at least in my mind, but nothing's for sure until the first shot is fired. *swallows* I am loading the musket and am about to fire off one scary brave writing task each week and I've decided to take YOU along for the ride...because I don't want to do it alone.

Because I'm scared. *hides under desk*

Side note: While I was cleaning off said desk (an annual event whether it needs it or not) I found my first published piece from waaaaaaay back in the stone ages--coincidentally, I think Beck's song "Loser" released that year--and I took it as a sign. 

As my first #bravewriting act, should I post it? I seriously have wondered over the years if my professor chose it for publication so it could be ridiculed and torn apart or did she really like it? Maybe both? 


Comment with a "Yea" or "Nay" and I'll tally up the votes and act accordingly.

You can follow the hashtag #bravewriting on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ etc. etc. 


  1. Yes. Be bold. Be brave. Be unstoppable

  2. Definitely YES. :) And also what Liz said. :)

    I loved this post, but have one small correction. I actually tagged you before Liz suggested that I should. Yep, that's right: you were already on my people to be brave with list!

    I'm excited about what we'll do. (And a bit nervous too. :))