Saturday, January 10, 2015

Tarot Tip #2: The Positive Transfer Technique

So I've set this goal to be able to read the Tarot cards like a pro by the end of 2015. In order to
achieve that goal, I've committed to a year of Tarot, starting with a Card of the Day study and a 31 day self-study course. I plan to follow that up with two online study courses AND apply to work with online tarot reading services so I can practice doing readings as much as possible and with as many different people as I can.

I've also decided that I'm insane and a glutton for punishment, because my other goals for 2015 include releasing the last four novellas in my Little Flame series, writing and releasing two new novels, and maintaining a steady blog-posting schedule, as well as a weekly newsletter. 


And did I mention my plans to systematically declutter and re-organize my entire house AND my yoga studio, as well as maintain my regular exercise and yoga practice? 

*laughing so hard falls on floor gasping for breath*

Ahahahaha....gulp. Yeah. smh 

Okay, so how in the hell do I expect to take my Tarot readings to the next level when I have so much on my plate? Seriously, I've been tempted to set this goal aside because I do have other priorities that need my attention, but damn it, I'm not getting any younger. And I really really want this.

I've been forging ahead, despite my doubts, because, well, that's what I do. I have yet to set a worthwhile goal that didn't involve second guessing myself. Then, this happened today:

I was reading up on today's Card of the Day: the 4 of Swords and it dawned on me that the fairy in the picture looks like she's relaxing in savasana, corpse pose. And considering the image on the Ryder-Waite deck also looks like a sarcophagus, the meaning of the card suddenly made so much sense to me! 

OMG! *jumping up and down*

 I think I just discovered how I'm not only going to achieve my tarot pro goal, but also knock this bad boy way WAY out of the park! I am SOOOOOO going to kick ass as a Tarot reader.

In learning theory it's referred to as Positive Transfer (thank you, Penn State, for my BS in Education). 

Don't know what that is? Okay, okay, check this out. Yoga may be the extra help I need to understanding the tarot. Get it? Savasana? Corpse pose? The Knight is dead?  Still don't follow? You will be the end of this:

The four of Swords is all about retreating, relaxing, or taking time to be quiet and calm after a challenge. Savasana is the complete relaxation we practice at the end of a yoga session. 

The four of Swords reminds us that we need to retreat from the external world temporarily in order to recharge our batteries. Savasana gives us the opportunity to rest after yoga practice and focus inward in order to discover the calm inside us before we must tackle our every day life once again.

The four of Swords tells us it is a time to quiet the mind, to stop the hectic activity in order to re-ground ourselves, so that our base is secure for when we re-engage with our challenges. Svasana is the practice of allowing the mind to become quiet so that we may become completely aware of our inner peace, and become awake to every nuance so we may head back out into the every day with a cleansed perspective. We can then operate from a base of clarity and stillness.

The four of Swords speaks of pausing in order to practice one of life's greatest challenges: resting and doing nothing. Savasana is the practice of pausing, resting, and doing nothing.

Do you see why I'm so excited over this??!! It means I can use my extensive yoga practice to assist me in learning the Tarot! Brilliant! I think maybe this schedule I've created for myself is actually more doable than I thought. But isn't this how we learn anything new? Bringing what we already know to a new topic in order to process it easier? Positive Transfer!

Grant it, there's always Negative Transfer of training, the challenge of not letting old information interfere with absorbing the new information, but that's just part of the process, right?

I am so loving bringing these two passions together! Yoga and Tarot. I can't wait to see how my yoga practice will help me learn, deeply, the meaning of the Tarot cards, as well as become a proficient reader.

That's what's going on in my life right now. What about you? I love to hear from you so please leave a comment. Let me know your thoughts on learning new things and how you're doing. 

Much love and light!

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