Tuesday, March 10, 2015

In Case of Happy Place Emergency

CLICK HERE and then come back while the music plays. *toes tapping*

So yesterday I was dragging butt, to say the least, and it really annoyed the crap out of me. I've got a
life to live and shit to do, man. But it turns out there was a reason for my lethargy and I didn't need to resort to dire strategies to jump start my brain.

After complaining talking to a friend, she told me about an article she read that said it's fairly typical to be fatigued the day after Daylight Savings kicks in. No kidding. Apparently, the "spring forward" is even correlated with heart attacks according to this Yahoo! News article and did you know, according to the Wall Street Journal, it can mess with your relationships, too?! Who knew?? Curse the Daylight Savings committee..or whoever is in charge.

I was a grumpy gus, as the Wall Street article says can happen, and was in dire need of My Happy Place. Where is this mysterious place of happiness, you ask? Hmmmm...it's all over the place, but it's also inside me. Yep, sometimes buried deep under bitch-mode, but it's always there. The thing is, there are days when I need a shovel to dig through the rotting compost I've piled on top of My Happy Space. Sometimes, I need dynamite. Sometimes, I need a simple key.

The trick, I have discovered after a lot of painful moments, is to keep a tool box full of any number of magical items that can grant me access to sparkling Happy Place inside. Psychologists and therapists call this "developing coping skills". I prefer to call it my In Case of Emergency kit. The thing is, I need simple, quick solutions and I am all about using technology to make my life easier AND happier.

Here's what I've done: I've created playlists of music and Youtube videos that I can access from my phone any time, any where (as long as the wi-fi and cell signal gods bless me). Whenever I come across one of those videos or songs that give me the happy chills or make my butt want to wiggle like an over-excited dog, I add it to one of my lists on Youtube or Spotify.

I have tons of playlists, but I recently decided to create one specifically called My Happy Place for the most current items. What ignites my happy changes over time, but also cycles back, so I'm going to try keeping a working, rotating My Happy Place list, as well as the random lists I've generated over the years.

Here's what I clicked on yesterday:

I bet you've seen this Android commercial at least once. When I saw it for the first time, little tingles ran up my spine and out through my arms and legs to my fingers and toes. I couldn't have stopped the grin if I tried. I immediately grabbed my cell phone, searched Youtube and added it to My Happy Place list. I still get that charge every time I see it. :-D And yes, even a commercial can be a key to our happy place. Really, you never know what's going to get the right reaction out of you.

When a song, a commercial, or a video gets inside your body and makes chemicals fizz and pop, that's when you know you have an excellent candidate for your own Happy Place list. It CANNOT just make you smile gently. It HAS to affect you deeply physically to really be worthy of your list. Why? That sensation is from happy hormones and neural chemicals being activated, which is exactly what you need when you're struggling with the blahs, anxiety, or even depression.

Music, stand-up comedy, and film resonate with me the most, but sometimes pictures and quotes do the trick, too. That's what I use Pinterest for.

You see, I don't have time when I'm down to wait for a serendipitous R.E.M. song to play or an orangatan to dance through my yard. When I need a pick me up, I need it NOW. So...voila! The internet to the rescue.

What do you do to combat the blahs? What songs make you want to dance the happy jig? What comic bits still make you bust a gut? I would love to hear your strategies for coping and the songs and videos that make you get up and boogie in your Happy Place, so please leave a comment below.

Also, feel free to check me out on Pinterest, Spotify, and Youtube to find out what's currently on my Happy Place playlists.


  1. I love the Android commercial, too! The Happy song gets me smiling every time. Our Cockatiel. The Chesapeake Bay. Colin Firth's dimples. The owl cam I'm watching with two adorable owlets growing every day. Maggie Smith's lines in the Downton Abbey series. Havanese puppies.These are a few of my favorite things. Oh, several Broadway tunes, especially from Sondheim shows.

    1. Which Broadway tunes are your favorites, Gail? I love Broadway musicals, too. And what a great list of happy things. Colin Firth's dimples. Yeah. *sigh* How about Jason Momoa's smile? *melts*