Monday, March 16, 2015

When Yoga Gets Boring or How To Cut Off that Offending Limb

When you’ve been practicing yoga for years…and years…and years…as I have, there comes a time when it gets boring. 

Yep. Boring. *glances around for the Yoga Police*

*whispers * It’s interesting that when I talk to other yoga teachers, they never ever say such a thing. I wonder if there’s something wrong with me...

but then again, maybe that’s just who I am. I learned a long time ago that I need variety. I get bored with the same food too often; I get bored with the same music for too long. I get bored being in the same place for too long.

Well, for the past couple months I’ve been avoiding yoga, which honestly, really confused me. It has been the one thing in my life that I never got discouraged or bored with. Yoga has not only been a life-saver physically, it has been the prime way I balance my brain chemistry and avoid medications with all their side affects…you know, weight gain, bizarre dreams, anal seepage...

But I digress. Turns out, I was bored with the type of yoga I’d been practicing. Same thing happens with my other exercise. I’ll get into cycling for a while and then, eh. I’m done. I can be into it for weeks, months, and in the case of yoga, years before the eh monster shows up. But eventually, I will get bored. I used to think it was a flaw, that I lacked the passion and stick-to-itness required to be a master at anything.

But you know what? The same thing happens with my writing. I will find myself avoiding the laptop, doing anything—and I mean ANYTHING, like cleaning the house—to not have to face the blinking cursor. Blink. Blink. Blink. *shivers*

I've learned that sometimes its because I’m bored with the story. Preferring to clean the window sills of bug carcasses over writing is a big red flag waving in my face, my friends. If I’m bored with my story then the reader is certainly going to get bored, too. Does it mean I’m done with writing? Oh, hell no. Writing is also one of my brain meds. I can’t imagine NOT writing anymore than I can imagine not practicing yoga.

That’s the time when I have to get tough with myself and drill down on what's going on or what's not working. See, getting bored isn't necessarily a character flaw, a sign of a weak constitution, or anything negative. It can be a sign that something is no longer working in your project or exercise regiment, or in your life in general. That's right. Boredom is a sign that you need to switch gears, dig deeper, or, frankly, cut off the offending limb. 

That’s right. I said cut it off. 

With my writing projects, it often goes like this:

*selects entire chapter*
"But I worked so hard on that!"
“Its doesn’t matters. Its filthy. Throws it out!"
*sweat drips down back of neck*
“But I don’t know where to go next if I get rid of this."
“Story betrayed us! Wicked! Tricksy! False! Kill it! Kill it!"
*shaking finger hovers over Delete key* 
“Wring its neck! Kill it!"
*deep sigh of relief*

When it comes to my yoga, however, I don't think I need to leave it behind. I'm thinking the boredom is a way of telling myself it’s time to move on to another form of yoga or a different way of practicing. It’s not about being flighty or undisciplined, as the nasty little voice in my head likes to tell me. The truth is I’ve learned whatever lessons I needed from my current practice and it’s time to move on to something new. 

It’s the same way with any kind of exercise or art form or craft. At some point, you have to try something different, weave in a new technique, unravel a section of that sweater, and try again or try something different or throw the thing away and start over.

Don’t let the boredom and avoidance derail your practice, whether it’s yoga or writing or knitting or even life itself. Find a new way to approach it. Try something new. Anything!

I’m trying this Kundalini Yoga series by Maya FiennesThe Chakra Balancing Series caught my eye immediately when I went on Amazon Prime searching for some new yoga practice ideas.

I’m on day two of the series and Wow! It is exactly what I needed. My head space is cleared out and I feel re-energized and my enthusiasm for yoga has returned. I’ve even been getting up at 5 am so I can practice before my day gets started. I’m so jazzed! And insane. I know.

What have you been avoiding lately? What have you started to feel bored about that used to excite you? Have you tried approaching it in a new way? What have you done to bring joy back to your life? Please share in the comments below. I’d love to hear what you’ve been trying or that you have no idea what to try next. Maybe we can help each other.


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