Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Not Even the Beautiful People Look Perfect All the Time

I saw a post online today. It was pictures of celebrities in their physical "prime" next to pictures of them not in their physical prime. I sighed. How very sad that anyone would take the time to gather these pictures into a post for the express purpose of...what? To make fun of them?

I know the purpose was to lure us in (it did me, I'm very sorry to say) and somehow compel or trick us to click on one of the many, many pop up ads. BUT, I digress...

Do you know WHY so many celebrities "get fat"?

What probably happens to them is their bodies rebel after the absolutely insane regiment it takes to look that "perfect" for the movies and photo shoots. That, or they just get older ... or have children. Plus, the stress of attempting to look perfect all the time has a price.

Let's face it, sweeties, age is going to kick us in the ass and walk all over our faces, and its not at all helpful to adopt radical, stressful routines in the pursuit of perfection. It will wear us down, mentally and physically.

I so wish we would stop buying into the lies about beauty. It's so detrimental. You know what it means when we let ourselves believe this kind of perfection is maintainable? It means we'll never be happy with ourselves just the way we are.

 Ladies and gentlemen, not even the actors and models look that "perfect" ALL THE TIME.

Ask any fitness competitor if it's possible to look like
<---THIS all the time.

I'm not even going to get into the Photoshopping that goes on to create pictures like this.

This is the reality of the myth of the perfect body: It doesn't exist, at least not for very long.

Want to be happy with your body? With yourself? With your life?

Work on creating a routine that maintains your health and energy. Work on embracing common sense, sustainable healthy eating, stress management, and exercise.

Let go of the myth of perfect, physical or otherwise.

Let it go. Let it go. Let it go.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

I Don't Have Magical Self-Control OR Poizin Tastes Good

I was recently chatting with a friend online about my so-called self-control when it comes to eating and exercising. Can I be blunt? I don't have this magical self-control everyone speaks of. I eat pizza, cookies, cupcakes, and cheese. I drink wine, sometimes soda, beer, hard cider, and occasionally, yes, a milkshake. Why? Because Poizin tastes gooooood. *I hear that in Pulp Fiction's Vincent Vega's voice*

What I do have is years of practice choosing healthier options most of the time. I am not currently a member of any of the various fitness cults factions (unless you count Weight Watchers), but I have dabbled in most of their philosophies. What I have come to understand is that every step of my journey toward living healthy, and yes, feeling good, has added up and continues to do so, even if some of those steps were in the WRONG direction.

I made some mistakes along the way--hell, I still make A LOT of mistakes, but I keep picking myself back up and marching on. As my husband likes to say, "It's march or die." Quite literally. I could continue unhealthy practices and eventually face high cholesterol, high blood pressure, digestive problems, and maybe even diabetes. It WILL happen if I choose pizza and soda more often than I choose grilled salmon and veggies.

I can't stress this enough: THERE IS NO MAGIC PILL, METHOD, OR POWER FOOD!

You know what there is? DAILY PRACTICE at making better choices.

There's lots of advice out there about how to do that, as well as lose weight, get in shape, feel better, be happier, etc. etc. etc. It's all so incredibly confusing and overwhelming, isn't it? My advice? Pick something and get started. It's a long ass journey but you have to take that first step.

The hard truth? You're going to "fall off the wagon" over and over. You're going to "give up", throw up your hands, and eat an entire pizza by yourself. Yep. Been there, done that, cleaned up the puke.

Then you stagger to your proverbial feet, or literal, and START OVER.

What you have to get used to doing is picking yourself up after overdosing on cookies and beer and start anew every damn day, hour, minute, and second. And you're going to have to keep trying something different until you figure out what works for YOU, create your own "program", so to speak.

Another hard truth? When you get it "figured" out, the game changes.

Your health, your wellness, your happiness is a constant moving target. It's dynamic, ever changing and you have to learn to ride the waves.

It's hard. Its sometimes grueling. It sometimes pisses me off. Seriously, going to the gym some mornings is the last thing I want to do.

But when I get a few days behind me of working out, eating healthy, and managing my stress, I feel so good! Then, *long exasperated sigh* I inevitably choose to eat fried and breaded something or other and slip down the slope of indulgence, suffering the inevitable consequence of feeling like crap.

I'm just like everyone else in that regard. The only difference between me and my friend who wishes he had "my self-control"?

THIS----->>>>As soon as I realize what I've done, I get back to working out, eating healthy, and managing my stress IMMEDIATELY.  These days, I even manage to do it without too much self-recrimination. Holy hell! That's a serious miracle. And it only took me 30 years.

Know what else? I don't wait for Monday for a "fresh" start; I don't even wait for tomorrow. I get a glass of water the very minute I realize what I've been doing and go for a walk or stretch. Bam. Back on track IMMEDIATELY.

REPEAT ad infinitum.

Some of you may be thinking, well what the hell's the point? If it's always a struggle, why bother?

Because the struggle works, and well, I'm worth it.

And so are YOU.

Much love and light, my friends.

Wednesday, April 08, 2015

Book Review: Justice for All by Olivia Hardin

My time is limited and super precious, just like yours, so I'm very picky about what I read these days. Between chauffeuring kids, laundry, yoga clients, and my own writing, there aren't as many long, languid weekends available to devour endless novels.

I really did used to do that. You know, spend an entire weekend curled up on the couch reading... ignoring the clock...staying up all hours...nodding off where I splayed across my chest...waking up and picking up where I left off...

*long, wistful sigh*

But I do read at least one book per week these days and I just finished Justice for All by Olivia Hardin. I've read every book by this author and I have to say the Rawley Family novels are by far my favorite. Well, except Bitten Shame, which is all about vampires...which I have a soft spot for...right here *points to jugular*. Ahem. Okay. Where was I?

Oh, yeah, my latest read...Justice for All by Olivia Hardin

I love Olivia's ability to drag the reader into the emotional turmoil from page one. I've said it before and it bears repeating, she has a knack for conveying feels. You don't just learn about Kay's struggle to be independent, you feel it. You don't just appreciate Van's affection for his mom, it bubbles up in your own chest.

And be prepared to take the heat right along with Kay and Van. *fans self* Warning: steamy scenes ahead.

The only complaint I have about this book is it was over too fast. This is definitely a page turner. I wanted to shake Kay to wake her up about her "friend" before it was too late and stop her before she said things she'd regret and smack Van for being so stoic. Sheesh!

And then it was over. Boo.

But a little birdie told me there's another Rawley Family novel in the works so I'll let you know when that's happening. Woo hoooooo! :-)

What books are you reading this week? Anything good? Share in the comments below. I'm always looking for my next read.