Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Not Even the Beautiful People Look Perfect All the Time

I saw a post online today. It was pictures of celebrities in their physical "prime" next to pictures of them not in their physical prime. I sighed. How very sad that anyone would take the time to gather these pictures into a post for the express purpose of...what? To make fun of them?

I know the purpose was to lure us in (it did me, I'm very sorry to say) and somehow compel or trick us to click on one of the many, many pop up ads. BUT, I digress...

Do you know WHY so many celebrities "get fat"?

What probably happens to them is their bodies rebel after the absolutely insane regiment it takes to look that "perfect" for the movies and photo shoots. That, or they just get older ... or have children. Plus, the stress of attempting to look perfect all the time has a price.

Let's face it, sweeties, age is going to kick us in the ass and walk all over our faces, and its not at all helpful to adopt radical, stressful routines in the pursuit of perfection. It will wear us down, mentally and physically.

I so wish we would stop buying into the lies about beauty. It's so detrimental. You know what it means when we let ourselves believe this kind of perfection is maintainable? It means we'll never be happy with ourselves just the way we are.

 Ladies and gentlemen, not even the actors and models look that "perfect" ALL THE TIME.

Ask any fitness competitor if it's possible to look like
<---THIS all the time.

I'm not even going to get into the Photoshopping that goes on to create pictures like this.

This is the reality of the myth of the perfect body: It doesn't exist, at least not for very long.

Want to be happy with your body? With yourself? With your life?

Work on creating a routine that maintains your health and energy. Work on embracing common sense, sustainable healthy eating, stress management, and exercise.

Let go of the myth of perfect, physical or otherwise.

Let it go. Let it go. Let it go.

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