Thursday, June 04, 2015

Let them Drink Water

This is the 3rd post of a 13 part series on Healthy Life Habits. In case you've missed the previous posts we've already covered:


This is the first item on My 10 Healthy Life Habits list that I wrote about a few weeks ago. It’s so ridiculously simple, I almost didn’t write a blog post about it. I mean, drink water, repeat. What else is there?

Actually, it is simple, but we make it very complicated, and by “we” I mean the health and fitness community. When you pick up a glass of water, there will be a dozen fitness gurus who will tell you what you're doing wrong and how to fix it.

It’s the wrong “kind” of water, the wrong kind of container, the wrong time of day, the wrong temperature, the wrong phase of the moon (I wish I was kidding), the wrong hand (okay, now I’m kidding) and so forth. Note: I don't necessarily disagree or agree with any of the articles I linked: I just wanted to show its out there. Go ahead. Google it yourself. It's kind of scary how much information there is.

We will tell you the water should be distilled or not distilled; warm or not warm; served in a glass bottle, with lemon, never plastic; No! Not lemon, orange! No not orange, grapefruit oil! And don’t drink water with your food. Always drink water with your food!

Etc. Etc. Etc.

Who would have thought that drinking water was so complicated? But this industry loves to argue and debate, even about the most basic things, like how much water you should drink, until the original point is completely, utterly buried and confused..which was what? Water. Drink it.

Soooo, how much water should you drink? That depends on who you ask, but the generally accepted guideline is eight 8 oz. glasses per day. Have you tried this? When I do this I am in the bathroom so many times per day I feel like I get nothing else accomplished. I kid you not. Yet, I’ve been told by every personnel trainer and nutritionist I know that if I’m not drinking that much, then I am chronically dehydrated.

Um. I’m going to rock the boat here.

No. No I’m not.

How much water you need depends on your body mass, how active you are, your environment, what types of food you eat, and the other beverages you drink. There are probably other factors, but I think this is plenty for the time being. I could go into a long explanation of how these factors affect your water requirements, but I’m not going to.


Because I think the simplest way to determine how much water you need is …

wait for it…

to trust yourself.

*ducks flying water bottles thrown by every health expert in the industry*

I think you should drink water in the morning when you wake up, whether you acknowledge you’re thirsty or not, but then the rest of the day, sip water as you see fit. That’s it.

Eventually, we learn to tell if we need water by other body signals, too, but we need to start with this. We need to just start drinking water.

We need to start taking responsibility for ourselves. We need to educate ourselves. We need to use common sense. We need to pick and choose what works for us.

We need to start trusting ourselves.

We need to not let ourselves be overwhelmed and swept up in the insanity that is the billion-dollar-per-year diet and fitness business propaganda. 

And what I’m tell you right here? Its contrary to everything I’ve ever been taught since I entered the fitness industry fifteen years ago.

So, go drink your water. With a bare-chested friend, if that makes you happy. ;-)

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