Sunday, November 08, 2015

This Week's Music Experience: What's that Spell?

Music is not just an interest of mine, it's my drug of choice. I have playlists galore for just about everything I do: road trips, writing fight scenes, and taking a shower. Hell, I even have one for driving in the city when you spend an inordinate amount of time waiting for the light to change.

And I don't just listen to the music, either, I often end up bounding down some rabbit hole reading articles, watching videos, and chatting about what I found with friends. It turns into an experience as I absorb something new, grasp some nuance, feel something, or very frequently become inspired and create something of my own in response.

I realized that a lot of my music experiences might actually be interesting to other music worshippers. So here's this week's Music Experience, as experienced by me:

So, as usual, I was looking for songs that resonated with a short story I was writing and wouldn't you know it? Dillon Francis popped up in my EDM feed with What's that Spell? (ft T.J.R.) I'm loving what this guy is producing, and it didn't hurt a bit when Get Low ended up on the Fast and Furious 7 soundtrack. Anything Vin Diesel related...

But then I was sitting on the deck with the Hubs forcing him to listen to my latest music find on youtube, What's that Spell? and the Hubs was like, "Oh yeah. Country Joe and the Fish." Uh. What? No. That's Dillon Francis. See? *points to album art*

Here I must point out that the Hubs is 14 years older than me.

He was like, "Oh come on. You know what I'm talking about." So he pulled up the Youtube video of Country Joe and the Fish at the 1969 Woodstock. And Oooooooooooh yeeeeeeaahhhhhh! NOW I remember. Well, I remember hearing it before. I'm not old enough to have gone to Woodstock, but my parents are and I grew up breast-fed on the Beatles, while every Saturday night the Golden Oldies played as we drove wherever.

So in case you're wondering what the HELL Dillon Francis and Country Joe and the Fish have in common, here are the two videos.'re welcome. :-)

All rights reserved to the respective owners. See copyright notices in respective vids.

 What kind of music experiences have you had? Would you like to share? If so please consider submitting your music experience here for possible publication on my blog OR if you just can't wait, share in the comments below.

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