Tuesday, January 26, 2016

The Making of VooDoo #8 in the Little Flame Series: The Research

VooDoo releases on January 28, 2016! While we wait for its debut, I wanted to give you an inside peek at the making of the story.

You wouldn’t believe the kind of pre-production work I do for my genre fiction. The research alone for VooDoo was a journey down many paths full of multi-faceted paranormal, medicinal, and musical gems.

Below is a screenshot of my research links. Look at the research folder for VooDoo, on the right, and while you’re there take a gander at some of the generic research links for the series, on the left. Yes, I looked up diner lingo (Fiamette has worked many day jobs in her long life; diner waitress, included).

From concert venues (the Voodoo Festival in New Orleans) to exorcism spells, it was truly some fascinating reading and exploring. While I use this information to give my stories color and believability, I also take liberties. Take the VooDoo Festival. In the real world it occurs in October, around Halloween. In my story, it's happening in the summer. Yeah, I know. It's ridiculously hot then. Oh well. It’s fiction, and paranormal fiction at that, so don’t expect everything I research in the real world to be mirrored exactly in the books.

For example, you’ll notice I’ve also bookmarked things about Skrillex, aka Sonny Moore. He’s one of the many EDM producers that have inspired my character Maximillian Barbosa. DJ Snake, Diplo, Dillon Francis, and Deadmou5, too. If you’re into the EDM scene, you’ll get glimpses of all these artists in Max’s performances. His personality, however, is uniquely Maximillian. He’s not meant to be any one of the great DJs I’ve mentioned, but he is meant to embody their creative, electric spirits.

 While musicians have a huge impact on me, so do many other artists. Take Caravaggio. What does the 16th century van guard of the Baroque movement have to do with my eclectic ban of paranormal EDM rockers in the Little Flame series? Nothing, really, but his work with the contrast of light and dark has always spoken to my soul. Light. Darkness. Neither are anything without the other. Light doesn’t exist without its counterpoint, dark. 

Stories can’t be told without contrast.

Nothing is pure evil, in my opinion, so my villains are rarely that simple. Look at Livia, Max’s birth mother who has been haunting him and Fiamette. I took my time fleshing out Livia way back when I first thought of her, but in VooDoo, you’re going to learn a whole hell of lot more. The whole story. I don’t care how nasty Livia is, she has—or had—a soul and something or someone wrote on that soul and changed it forever. Who was it? What was it?

Well, you’ll have to read the book to find out.

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