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Paranormal Love Wednesdays - Excerpt from VooDoo, #8 in the Little Flame Series

Paranormal Love Wednesdays Blog Hop - February 3rd
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Check out the excerpt from VooDoo, #8 in the Little Flame series.

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Purple drapes woven through with silver threads hung in heavy folds over the windows. Claw footed chairs stood around a matching dark wood dining table, long enough to seat three generations. Black and sepia toned pictures of stern people in old-fashioned clothes lined the walls; images in vivid colors of smiling folks and happy gatherings lined the white mantel over the grated fireplace.
“Meme asked if you’d give her a minute. She was getting ready for bed when you called, Angie,” the young woman said, breaking the silence.
Angie took the woman’s hand in hers. “I’m so sorry, Madeleine.” She gave her hand a little tug. “You know I wouldn’t have disturbed her if it wasn’t important.” Angie lowered her voice. “How’s she doing?”
Madeleine covered their clasped hands with her free one. “Better, but you know how it goes. She has good days and bad. At least the good still outnumber the bad.”
Madeleine smiled, but it didn’t reach her eyes. She shifted to peer over Angie’s shoulder at me. Magic rippled across my skin, but I forced myself not to react to the scan. Her magic buzzed in my bones, up my spine, and out the crown of my head. I narrowed my eyes. She knew what she was doing was totally rude and uncalled for. I pushed back with my own magic.
Her nostrils flared as I forced her to retract. I’d be damned if anyone was going to scan me without my permission. I’d let Angie do it earlier, but that was different. Hmmpf. I wasn’t going to let this stranger in without a proper, polite request. Besides, she was strong, and a strong Voodoo priestess, even an apprentice, could fuck you up.
An older woman appeared at the top of the stairs, her resemblance to Madeleine unmistakable. “Mind your manners, Madeleine. Ask first.” She took the stairs one careful, blue-clad foot at a time.
“But she’s hiding things,” Madeleine insisted, then dropped Angie’s hand and hurried up the steps. Her long, thinly braided rows of ebony hair fell down her back, gathered at the nape of her neck with a white ribbon.
Taking her grandmother’s elbow, she chided, “Meme, you wait for me, you hear? If you fall, PawPaw will have me filleted.”
Celeste chuckled as she patted her granddaughter’s arm, a genuine smile splitting her exceptionally smooth skin. “Fiamette Jurato,” she said as she navigated the staircase. “I was wondering when you’d find your way to me.”
I froze, my mouth suddenly dry. How did she know me? Who had she been talking to? I glanced around the house for windows, doors, lurking henchmen, but my gaze came back to Angie, her lips parted in surprise.
“Fiamette? What?” Angie’s face wrinkled in confusion. “No, Meme Celeste. This is Dorrie Fri—”
“Pshht.” Celeste waved orange and gold manicured fingernails in Angie’s direction. When she reached the bottom, she stepped close and patted my cheek. I flinched at the immense flash of power in her simple touch. This woman was the real deal.
“Oh, sweet child,” she murmured, her bright smile fading as troubled uncertainty filled her eyes. “The spirits have been making quite a ruckus over you these last few days.”

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