Sunday, March 27, 2016

Another Weight Loss Book? Ugh

Everyone it seems is writing a book about weight loss these days. I mean everyone. They make over the top statements about changing their lives and transforming yours in 8 weeks. 

Something bothers me about this. I think it's my own experience. I'm trying to come at this with a positive attitude. 

Here's the bottom line: you can count calories all you want and exercise til your knee gives out, but you must change the thoughts, the beliefs, the habits, the self-doubt, the negative thinking, the hard wiring, your life situations, and the programming that led to weight gain in the first place. 

This is a life long journey. It can't be done in 8 weeks. 

You CANT fix yourself in 8 weeks because you're NOT broken. I dislike that implication. It's cruel. And don't get me started on the warped version of "healthy" we have been sold, quite literally by every marketing campaign ever. 

Your weight? Is a symptom of your life. It is not the end all be all of existence. But it is intimately tied to every facet of your life. 

Btw: the people who don't have weight issues have other problems. Trust me on this. They just handle their crazy differently. 

You can gorge yourself on veggies and organic this and locally grown that and you will see results. 

You can run, lift weights, and practice yoga consistency and you will see results. 

But what happens when the next real stressful crisis hits? 

When the winter brings on the depression or your mother gets diagnosed with Alzheimer's? What do you do? Your knee jerk reaction to life's hardest moments reveals the root of our weight issues. Or whatever issues you might have. 

Honestly? It's key to the root of all our problems. 

And THIS is where the real work happens. And it's not sexy or flowery or a simple 3 step plan. 

It happens in the everyday moments. And it's so much more than food and exercise, although learning about a healthy lifestyle is important. 

It's a life long journey of self-awareness, doing the hard stuff that brings about gradual awareness until we see clearly our personal fears, one at a time.

Then we have to address that fear. 

And then we have to do that whole thing all over again. 

And again.

And again.

And again.

Until we die. 

I guess that's why nobody has written that book. 

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