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As You Were - Installment 4

You have been thoroughly warned. 
If you are squeamish about colorful language, don't like sex scenes, and honest dialogue makes your hair curl, walk away now. Do not read this.

If you have just found this story, you'll want to start from Installment 1.

I'll be posting installments every day until the end. I don't know how many days that will be because I am still writing this story. You can read it or not, share it or not, like it or not.  It's up to you. Unlike me, you have a choice. I can't not write it.


As You Were
Copyright © 2013 by Melissa Lummis

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Chapter 1

“We went to high school together,” I said, giving Chuck my best what-the-fuck-is-wrong-with-you glare.

Erik glanced down at me with a questioning look.  He’d picked up on the tension right away.  He’d always been able to assess any situation within seconds and make accurate choices as to how to diffuse or intensify the energy in a room as he saw fit.  I shrugged and cocked the corner of my mouth up.  I wanted to take him aside and explain everything, but we couldn’t do that here without stopping the whole procession.

“I’ve never heard her mention you,” Chuck said. I rolled my eyes. 

Sylvia laughed out loud and punched him in the arm. “Really, Chuck?  She’s mentioned him, oh, I don’t know, like a thousand times since I’ve known her.  He’s a part of every one of her high school tales.”

Erik took my hand and squeezed.  It was true and I blushed a little at her inadvertent disclosure. When you’re immersed in a new phase of your life with a different group of people, you tend to talk about the old friends you’ve left behind like they live in the past.  And never the two shall meet, right? Erik’s thumb rubbed in tiny strokes along mine as if he were trying to reassure me.  I marveled at the way my insides turned inside out at the gesture. 

“We had some good times.” 

His voice was deeper, sexier than I remembered it, and as I stared up at him, I thought he might have grown an inch or two.  His face had filled out since I’d last seen him into, well, a man’s face.  He was no longer the adolescent Rastafarian I’d known.  And loved.  His arms bulged with a few prominent veins and his chest muscles twitched under his crew-neck white T-shirt. 

My mouth went dry and I sucked on the inside of my lip as I realized I was walking down the boards with a piece of man candy.  Every woman passing us couldn’t take her eyes off him.  When had my Erik become this?  My Erik. Huh.  I’d always thought of him that way, too, for as long as I’d known him.

“Hey.”  I stopped, tugging on his hand. I had suddenly remembered he’d mentioned buddies.  “What about your friends?  Don’t you need to let them know where you’re going?”

Erik chuckled as he dropped my hand and fished his cell phone from a pocket.  Tapping out a message, he quirked an eyebrow as he said, “I’m letting them know where we’re going, in case they want to catch up with us later.”  Then he shoved the phone back in his shorts, giving me his most impressive smile. “I’m pretty sure they’re busy with the fine looking ladies we were hanging out with all day.”

I knew it was probably a stupid thing to ask, but I couldn’t help myself.  “And you didn’t want to…get busy with one of those ladies?”

Erik chuckled and grabbed my hand as he started walking, again. “Not really.”  

As he gazed down at me the laughter in his eyes morphed into that something darker I’ve only seen in a man’s eyes.  It’s an erotic look that telegraphs a throbbing to my heart and sex when it comes from the right guy.  And based on my reaction, this must have been the right one.  Maybe women can look like that. I don’t know, but if we can, it was most definitely in my eyes right then.

End of Chapter 1.

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